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An Advancing Enemy

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An Advancing Enemy
Start NPC Leon - The Village Greens (F-5)
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Previous quest The Null Chamber Exclamation
Next quest Gnomish Battle Plans

Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to Leon to accept the quest.
  • Scout the encampments.
    • Scout the first gnomish encampment.
    • Scout the second gnomish encampment.
    • Scout the third gnomish encampment.
  • Return to Leon for reward and next quest.
NOTE: The map might or might not red flag the locations for you. However, they are the places around the mushrooms houses.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Leon (By the Gaia Town North Gate, The Village Greens)

Scout the three gnomish encampments near the goof course in the Village for Leon.

Game ScriptEdit

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