Around the Blood Tree
Start NPC Blaze - Otami Ruins (F-9)
Repeatable No
Quest chronology
Next quest Aiding the Twins


In order for Blaze to trust your physical capabilities, she tells you to go around the Blood Tree and come back alive. Even though this mission is called "Around the Blood Tree", you don't actually go around it. Getting close enough to it registers it. And while Blaze wants you to come back alive, you can you still can finish quest even if you're dazed and return to her after awakening to the Null Chamber.

Using your PDA, go North following the orange arrow/red flag marking the Blood Tree. Unobvious fork in the road at F3 - taking the right is the long way, filled with animated as well. If you take the left you save a couple map squares and can avoid animated as well. When you've got close enough to the Blood Tree, red text will indicate it (You have successfully gone around the blood tree!).

If you aren't strong enough to fight the animated on the way up, just run. Fleet Feet or Coyote Spirit will increase speed while Turtle or Ghost will help your survive mob damage. It's possible to even go without any of these if somebody runs before you and the animated follow them. The area will not have spanwed anything yet so you can easily walk up.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Blaze (F-9, Otami Ruins)



Step Details:

  • Impress Blaze by going around the blood tree in Otami Ruins.
  • Return to Blaze behind the tree line in Otami Ruins.

Game ScriptEdit

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