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Back Alley Bargains as seen on Gaia Online

Back Alley Bargains is a shop located in Barton Town, and owned by the NPC Nicolae.

It was introduced with the beta release of zOMG!.

In zOMG! Edit

In the game, Back Alley Bargains is accessible using the "Shop"-button of the UI. This will open the shop window, which features a long range of items for the game.

With the introduction of the voice plug-in, the shop is not only limited to selling Power-Ups, but also offers a range of different Voice Fonts.

Back Alley Bargains is also part of the "Daily Chance", and will give the player a freebie if asked for it.

On Gaia Edit

While you will also find all the power-ups in Back Alley Bargains outside the game, this shop features an additional feature: Item crafting.

Nicolae is specialized in making items that have been gathered in zOMG! into equipment for the player's avatar, given that the player also has the required recipe.

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