Back Pressure
Start NPC James - Barton Town (B-2)
Repeatable No

From James:

From Elizabeth:

Quest chronology
Previous quest Gramster Goo


  • Talk to James the Guard in Barton Town and accept the quest.
  • Enter the sewers (using the manhole near Ellie (D2)).
    • Once inside, tighten the valves as they are marked on your PDA.
      • They are all in a line, no backtracking or running around.
      • The valves are all guarded by groups of Gramsters that spawn an Alpha Gram once killed.
      • Area of Effect rings and crews may be very helpful if this quest is giving you trouble.
  • Return to James to receive reward.
  • Return to Elizabeth for an additional reward.

WARNING: Once you leave the sewers after completing this quest it will be impossible to obtain the Gramster and Peelunger badges if you don't have them already. If you need the badges, get them in the sewers before you have completed the quest or before you leave the sewers after completion. If you completed the mission but became dazed, you will locked out as well. This is the final time any player can access the sewers.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: James (Barton Sewers)


James tells you that something is wrong in the Sewers below Barton. The sewage pipes are groaning and everything in Town is backed up. He asks you to head down to the Sewers and find the valves to release that pressure before every toilet in town explodes!

Game ScriptEdit

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