Location: Old Aqueduct
Duration: 30 minutes
CL Limit: 6.0
Badge: Bug Stomper
Possible Rewards: Gaia Gold Gaia Gold
Charge Orb Charge orb
Alien Egg Sac Alien Egg Sac

Walkthrough Edit

  • Qmark

Rewards are based on how much you've done during the fights, whether through damage, healing of allies, crowd control, etc.

Details Edit

In-game description Edit

The aliens from across the stars are tired of Gaians coming through the Star Portal to torment them in their Hive. Now they're trying to break out and make a foothold in the Old Aqueduct itself!

  • To clear the area when aliens come through the Start Portal, they first send through a wave of Deathroaches.
  • Deathroaches are powerful creatures that will try and touch a specific person, detonating in a biowave of energy, decimating their chosen target. So destroy it at range, run away from it to a safe range, or do anything you can... just don't let it touch you!
  • The Deathroach wave is followed quickly by a huge outpouring of Shockroaches, Walkers, Lightning Bugs, and/or Landstriders. These bugs will comb through the area, destroying anything they can.
  • Occasionally, the Hive calls its bugs back for repair and rest. The bugs then head back to the Star Portal to recuperate in the Hive for a bit before coming back for more.
  • If you pay close attention, you will notice that the P3 start to attack the "bugs", usually the P3 will lose, but it does give you a slight advantage (if they don't turn their attention towards you).

Dialogs Edit

  • Agent Caruthers: Bug Breakout! - The alien Hive World is establishing a foothold on our world! We need everyone's help to push them back!
  • Agent Caruthers: Warning! - Lookout! The GIB sensors are spiking. Those Deathroaches are back! Get away from the Portal area!
  • Agent Caruthers: Heading to the Hive! - The bugs are heading back to their Hive! Watch yourselves!
  • Agent Caruthers: The Bugs Succeeded! - Unfortunately, whatever the bugs were attempting to do, they accomplished.  Our defenses need to be stronger next time, or Gaia is doomed!
  • Agent Caruthers: Qmark

Notes Edit

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