Location: Bass'ken Lake
Duration: Until BuzzKill is defeated
CL Limit: 5.0
Badge: Beat the Buzzer
Possible Rewards: Gaia Gold Gaia Gold
Charge Orb Charge orb
Loose Screw Loose Screw

Walkthrough Edit

  • Buzzkill can attack you if you are 5.0 and lower.
  • You can get points toward the badge if you are 5.0 and lower, using rings, etc.

Rewards are based on how much you've done during the fights, whether through damage, healing of allies, crowd control, etc.

Details Edit

In-game description Edit

The Buzz Saws have pooled lifeforce to spawn a giant monstrosity known as BuzzKill! Now it terrorizes the Bass'ken Lake area!

  • BuzzKill can fold space, moving easily from location to location, warping wherever it wishes.
  • When hurt too much, BuzzKill tends to warp away from the fray, looking for easier pickings.

Dialogs Edit

  • Logan: BuzzKill! - Calling all able-bodied Gaians! There's a new evil in the woods of Bass'ken! Watch yourselves!
  • Logan: BuzzKill Wants Fresh Meat! - BuzzKill is looking for a new challenge! It's warping elsewere in the Lake! Heads up!

Notes Edit

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