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Outlaw Pup

Outlaw Pup

Outlaw Wolf

Outlaw Wolf

She Wolf

She Wolf


  • Order of difficulty: Pup > Wolf > She Wolf.
  • The She Wolf is the "mother" of the pups and wolves.
  • Outlaw wolves act as "big brothers" or "older siblings" to the playful pups.
  • They all live in the same area (Bass'ken Lake).
  • Most likely, they are Animated Outlaw Biker Jackets. [1][2][3]
  • This family can be recognised by their distinct yellow eyes, cream furry ankles and ruff, sharp zipper teeth, and back pockets.
  • They are all melee based and aggressive.
  • Though it has never been confirmed, since the She wolf IS female, perhaps the other outlaw wolves (i.e, outlaw pups and outlaw wolves) are also female.

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