Predator Praire Pups are mole-like aliens that are shortly invisible and come from the star portal to take refuge from the Hive aliens for invading their homeworld but was unable to return. They build 8 Burrow/Encampment which is a pile of dirt with a satellite on the top and holes in the bottom for them to enter and exit, their burrows goes really deep for them to be multiplying in number. They are equiped with advanced technology such as a biochip, a ray gun (left sholder to attack in long distance), guantlets that wears a communication divice inside it. They tend to self-destruct when they are put out of commision which is defeating them. The Concern Citizen will name them Specias 3X-A after the "A New Species" quest but then shorten them as P3. The Commander/Leader has a transponder that activates the star portal. At the east of the main burrow areas, they carry a "Vox Stellarum" to report back to the burrows their scout reports. When one of them sees the player, then it with go offscreen and calls for reinforcements then attack the player in numbers.

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