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A ring set is a set of Rings that, if worn on the same hand, unlocks bonus attributes. When a Ring Set becomes unlocked, the four rings in the set become highlighted in gold. For more details about a particular ring set and it's bonus, go to Combat: Ring Sets. 

Ring Set Descriptions Edit

To view the bonus attributes granted by a Ring Set, open the Ring Inventory and click on any of the Rings in the set. The bonus attributes will be listed in the ring description.

A Ring Set is a combination of certain rings that give special bonuses to specific character statistics, defenses, or abilities.

  • Rings can be in any order, but they have to on the same hand for it to work.
  • You can tell you are using a ring set in a variety of ways:
    • any hand equipped with a set will have a yellow glow around it
    • when you look at ring's info it will mention the set name and bonus before continuing with the ring's description
    • in the crew panel there will be an icon representing any equipped sets.
    • You might have to reload the page for the ring set to activate.
  • You can only have up to 2 Ring Sets at a time, one on each hand since there are only 8 fingers and 4 rings constitute a set.

Ring Sets include (you can also view these in game by clicking Menu/Game Help/Combat, Advanced and scrolling down)


Angel (large) Solar Rays, Hunter's Bow, Healing Halo, Wish

Bonus: Increased Luck. +3 Luck


Athlete (large) Bump, Taunt, Turtle, Fitness

Bonus: Debuff Resist.


Chef (large) Hack, Knife Sharpen, Pot Lid, Meat

Bonus: Increased Dodge. +70 Dodge


Demon (large) Fire Rain, Scaredy Cat, Teflon Spray, Iron Will

Bonus: Increased Health Regeneration. +2 HP Regen


Medic (large) Adrenaline, Bandage, Diagnose, Defibrillate

Bonus: Increased Footspeed. +48 Speed


Ninja (large) Shuriken, Mantis, Divinity, Ghost

Bonus: Increased Accuracy/Dodge. +30 Accuracy +30 Dodge


Pirate (large) Shark Attack, Slash, Quicksand, Keen Aye

Bonus: Persistent Armor. +10% Persistent Armor


Prankster (large) Hot Foot, Heavy Water Balloon, Gumshoe, Fleet Feet

Bonus: Extra Max Health. +300 Max Health

Space TrooperEdit

Spacetrooper (large) Guns, Guns, Guns, Duct Tape, Improbability Sphere, My Density

Bonus: Increased Accuracy. +70 Accuracy


Shaman (large) Dervish, Hornet Nest, Rock Armor, Coyote Spirit

Bonus: Increased Stamina Regeneration & Willpower. +1 SP Regen

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