Chapter One Finale
Start NPC Marshall - Shallow Seas (E-4)
Badges Victory!
Repeatable Yes

From Marshall:

From defeating the boss:

Quest chronology
Previous quest The Stone Coatl
Please note that this quest has no official name.

Walkthrough Edit

Shallow Sea Edit

  • Make your way to Marshall and fight Queen Lorelei to free him.
  • Then make your way to the gate in the northern part of Shallow Sea where you will fight two guards before being able to proceed to the Undersea Ledge.

Undersea Ledge Edit

  • Make your way through the first part of the map by walking through the ruins of the Tower of Gambino.
  • As you reach the next map, where you will be able to see an overview of the Sealab, Marshall will stay behind, giving you a reward before you continue onwards.
  • Make your way past the Grunny Subs and defeat the Grunny Commander Sub to be able to proceed to the route leading down to the Sealab Compound.

Sealab Compound Edit

Sealab Compound switches

Map showing the location of the 4 switches.

  • As you reach the area with Robofish, it is recommended to stick together and move forward slowly. Formerly, the Robofish would only attack a single user, although now they will attack multiple users like other Animated.
  • Now, make your way through the tunnel to encounter Labtech 123. When he's done speaking, exit the tunnel, and enter the actual Sealab Compound.
  • At the Sealab Compound, clear the way north to Switch 1 (F1), where you will once again listen to Labtech 123's speech. Make sure to only have one crew member in that area, as the army which will spawn after the speech, will ignore everyone else, if they are located ex. one map below.
  • After having awakened the attacked crew member, continue to the west to clear the passage to Switch 2 (C3).
  • Now, go all the way around the tower in the center to the lower western corner. Then make your way up the ruins of the Tower of Gambino to reach Switch 3 (B2).
  • Next, have one crew member at each switch. All three switches will have to be pulled at the same time to deactivate the security.
  • Last but not least, have the entire crew meet up in front of the tower which leads to the final battle. Pull Switch 4 (D4) to open the entrance, and prepare for the fight before entering.

Sealab X Battle Strategy Edit

See Strategy.

Game Description Edit

Client: N/A



Step Details:


Game Script Edit

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