Battle Strategy Edit

Part 1: Sealab X Tail

  • Stay against the wall on the left where you enter and use range rings to attack the tail.
  • Stay away from the Circlular glass platform while fighting Tail it has an attack that will smash the glass and cause damage to every party member.

Part 2: Sealab X Body, Right Arm & Left Arm
There are two ways to defeat the 2nd part of the battle, depending on your crew's preferences:

  • Killing only the Body:
    • Target the body and press "G" to move towards the target.Qmark
    • If you kill the body, the arms will die with it.
    • Not killing the arms will result in more damage to you.
  • Killing the Arms, then the Body:
    • Tactic here Qmark
    • Note: Killing the arms will decrease the amount of damage made by Sealab X.

Part 3: Sealab X Head

  • Target the head and use "G" to move to the target.Qmark
  • The head has a laser.
  • Mines will occasionally float down.

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