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Cheri's Sister
Start NPC Gustav - Bass'ken Lake (C-6)
Repeatable No
Items needed
Quest chronology
Previous quest Mon Cheri
Next quest Papa Sawn!


Speak to Gustav to accept the quest.

Note: there is currently a glitch in this quest where it might need to be repeated.


  • All of this MUST be done in order and cannot be repeated.
  • Defeating the animated with the recommended CL makes loot drops more likely.
  • It seems that Ring: Fortune's Favor helps speed the drops up.
  • NOTE: Any Animated/ Enemy who drops these items also works in the quest, such as Peelungers and Bronze.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Gustav (, Bass'ken Lake)

Gustav gave you a recipe that lets you craft an axe similar to "Cheri", the axe you found and returned to Gustav earlier. He asks you to gather the components needed to make the axe. He first wants you to gather iron ore for the axe head.

Game ScriptEdit

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