Denial of Service
Start NPC Ian - Barton Town (D-2)
Requirements CL 2.5 - 3.5
w/crew (recommended)
Repeatable No

Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to Ian in Barton Town to accept the quest.
  • Visit Dead Man's Pass (via Bill's Ranch).
  • Follow the path to the southwest and walk up the stairs, and head west until you see a gate.
    • Approach the gate to begin the fight.
    • Fight off all the OMGs until the OMGWTF attacks you.
  • Return to Ian for reward.


It is recommend you go with a full crew with a CL of at least 2.5, although it is easily soloable with the right rings.

Wait until you have advanced to Bill's Ranch area to complete this quest.

Alternative MethodEdit

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Ian

Ian is afraid the master of the house in Dead Man's Pass will enslave the animated in the pass. He is specifically concerned with the most powerful monster and asked you to defeat it before it can be enslaved.

Game ScriptEdit


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