Dimming the Lanterns
Start NPC Arnold - Zen Gardens (E-4)
Requirements Quest taken and completed between 6:00pm-6:00am GST
Repeatable Yes


  • Talk to Arnold during nighttime (starts around 6:00 PM GST)
  • Defeat 20 Ghost Lanterns.
    • NOTE: You must do all of this before dawn (6:00 AM GST). Otherwise, you will automatically fail the quest, as Ghost Lanterns only spawn during these hours.
  • Return to Arnold before dawn for your reward.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Arnold (E4 in Zen Gardens)

Arnold is concerned that the Ghost Lanterns are so different from the other Animated. They seem to be quite powerful and random... and he's afraid they could decide to invade Barton Town at any time. He asks you to thin them out before night, before the cherry fluffs return in the morning.

Game ScriptEdit

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