Dream Weaver
Start NPC Katsumi - Zen Gardens (B-6)
Requirements CL 4.1 or lower
Repeatable Yes
Quest chronology
Previous quest Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll


NOTE: Mystic Weaves obtained prior to the quest or bought from other players will not count.


  • The Kokeshi Dolls directly outside of the temple that travel along the path are the most likely to drop the Mystic Weaves.
  • Strapping on an Angel Set or Fitness ring (Increases Luck) helps to obtain weaves faster.
  • It is advised that the player should join a crew for the following reasons:
    • Kokeshi Dolls are linked together, meaning they will aid to their comrade and attack in relatively large numbers, and thus overwhelming a lone player.
    • There should be a couple of players in Zen Gardens that form crews to farm Kokeshi Dolls. You can join them or form a crew if you politely ask.
  • Should the player wish to fight them in solo, it is recommend that the player brings an attack AOE damage ring such as Fire Rain or Dervish and some form of defensive ring against projectiles (Pot Lid or Teflon Spray). Chances of obtaining Mystic Weaves will not increase however.
  • Be sure to charge your G'hi in Barton Town every once in a while, as your luck stat will increase if your G'hi is charged.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Katsumi (Zen Gardens)

Katsumi thinks she can create a mystic veil she can wear to look in other realms, possibly finding reasons for what is causing the Animated. She want you to help bring the materials for her trial-and-error attempts to make such an item.Exclamation

Step Details:

  • Qmark

Game ScriptEdit

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