Start NPC Jacques - Gold Beach (B-2)
Requirements Max CL of 7.1
Repeatable No


  • Speak with Jacques to accept the quest.
  • Use the boat on the eastern shore of Gold Beach to find and defeat Duneslam.
    • Duneslam is located at Duneslam Island
    • Find the boat along the edge of the beach (D-7)
    • Take the boat to Duneslam Island.
  • Return to Jacques for a reward.


NOTE: This task will be a challenge. You might consider using a Crew for this task.

If you increase your CL while on Duneslam Island, you will not finish nor get a reward.

A Rank 4 Fleet Feet can be a great help in escaping with Duneslam's speed debuff.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Jacques (Gold Beach)

Defeat Duneslam in Gold Beach.

Game ScriptEdit

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