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J=Jacques, U=You

J: Yar, who ye be?

>>I be (name), Who be ye?

J: There are those who call me... Jacques?
U: What's going on out here?

>>Nice accent... any relation to Barnacle Jim?

J:That land lubber fish cakegood fer nothin' Youngster who thinks he's a pirate?
U:Sounds like an ass to me. Anything I can do for you?

>> Oh crap! Another pirate?

J: I'm n'pirate! I'm a sailor. Well... I was a sailor. Now I'm the keeper o' this 'ere light'ouse.
>>That sounds like the most boring job ever.
>>So I guess you see everything around here... seen anything exciting?

J: The life o' the light'ouse keeper is more excitin' than ye'd think. All sort o' tings be 'appenin' 'ere an' dere. Lately I been watchin' somethin' that's got me a might concerned. Jus' o'er yonder I been seein' one of them sand castle things agrowin' and agrowin'. Methink someone should knock it down fore it gets too big.

U: That sounds like a request.

J: Aye, if ye think yer up to it. This golem's not likely to be a pushover.

>>I'm up to it! Where can I find this beast?

>>Let me think about it.

J: Yar. Ye don't think too long.
(after returning)
J: Yer back. Ready to take on Duneslam?
>>Yeah, I think I'm ready now. Point me at him... er, it!
>>No. Not now.
J: Then why'd ye come back at all?

J: Ye don't look aroun' much do ye? Ye walked right past it on yer way up 'ere! Just 'ead south and 'e's off to the left.

(after completing the mission)

J: I saw ye drop the beast from 'ere! Ye fight well... are ye sure ye aren't a sailor?

>>Probably not... I think I'd remember something like that.
>>Heh, you never know, maybe I was in a previous life.

J: Ah well, ye still 'andle yerself well.

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