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Start NPC: None
Requirements: None
Badge: Hippity Hopper, Eggcentric Collector
Repeatable: Yes
Reward: Gaia Gold Gaia Gold
Chocolate Egg Chocolate Egg
Jelly Bean Jelly Bean
Plastic Grass Plastic Grass
Basketh'Loo Recipe: Basketh'Loo
Cheepz Recipe: Cheepz
Sundae Sweets Recipe: Sundae Sweets

Walkthrough Edit

  • zOMG! event for Easter 2009, taking place from April 9th to April 15th, 2009.

Easter Eggs Edit

Easter Eggs were found in almost every area of the game*, and contained gold, loot or recipes. To collect them, a successful hit with any attacking ring would do, as they only had 1HP.

Since anybody was able to claim Easter Eggs, "Egg stealing" existed - although since the eggs were a free-for-all event, nothing could be technically stolen.

The ideal weapon of choice for egg hunting was the Hunter's Bow as it had the longest range weapon. Other popular egg hunting rings were Coyote Spirit, Fleet Feet, and Ghost).

*exceptions were Ninja Meadow, Otami Ruins, The Hive, Shallow Sea and beyond.

Event DescriptionEdit

Game Message Edit

The Easter Bunny Goes High-Tech (4/9/2009)

"Easter again? Already?!? Nooooooo!"
You think Santa has it tough? Faugh! He only has to deliver one bunch of presents to each household in the world. The Easter Bunny has to not only visit every one, but he has to hide *every* *stinking* *egg* *himself*.

It takes forever...and he's tired of it!

Last year, he took out his annoyance on innocent Gaians by creating ticking easter eggs that exploded in their faces when handled. He and his henchhares have been on the run since then, hiding out to avoid being made into sumptuous hassenfeffers by the angry mob.

But just because he's hiding doesn't mean that he's off the hook for delivering eggs again this year...and he still hates the job! So, this year, he and his posse created...self-replicating, self-ambulatory eggs!

"By the silvery light of fu Inle, we will venture silf and spread hrair of these simulcra across the world. Thus, in one swell foop, they will over the world like our hraka! Let the humans silflay for their own eggs wherever they can find them!"**

Now the egg things are all over the place, and destroying one explodes the egg, dispersing the nanites from which it is made. Those nanites drift to a new location, quickly assembling themselves into another egg, and moving into a self-selected, partially-hidden location.

To prevent the henchhares from having to also deliver gifts, the eggs themselves create small prizes inside, sometimes converting the egg yolk into sold, and other times constructing tiny little items for you to discover.

The Barton Town Council is concerned that these eggs might become a hazard, replicating out of control over time, and so they've asked Johnny Gambino to find a way to destroy them once and for all, but until that occurs, the eggs are all over the place!

So...Happy Easter, from the overly-annoyed, slightly insane, on-the-run,-more-than-slightly-lazy Easter Bunny...and his henchhares.

** Special thanks to Richard Adams for the bunny lingo.




Special Easter NPCs called "Cheeps" were located on several maps.

While these chickens had no apparent function, they made small comments when clicked on.

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