Rufus: Welcome to Barton Boutique! My name is Rufus.

>>Nice to meet you, Rufus. What's going on?

Rufus: Oh, I'm just waiting for a friend. He should have been here a while ago. I wonder where he is.

>>I could look for him if you like.

Rufus: Hmmm, no, that's okay. I'm sure he'll be along soon.

>>So, why are you wearing clothes? You do know you're just a cat, right?

Rufus: Just a cat?! How many cats do you know that can talk? Or own a store? Not very many, I'd wager.

>>That's a good point, but you still look a little silly with a coat, hat, and no pants.

Rufus: What? Should i wear them backwards with my tail through the zipper? Now that would be truly ridiculous.

Good point. That would look terrible!

Rufus: Besides, the pants that came with this suit didn't have a zipper anyway. Now, I'm tired of being insulted. Come back when you've learned some manners.

(talk to him again to get the side quest)

(finish the side quest and return to fernando)

F: What are these? OMG! No zipper! These are perfect. Where did you find them?

Rufus gave them to me.

F: Rufus? He never wears pants though...

Exactly, that's why he was willing to part with him.

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