Feather's for Blaze
Start NPC Blaze - Otami Ruins (F-9)
Repeatable Yes
Items needed
Quest chronology
Previous quest Aiding the Twins


  • Talk to Blaze after completing the Aiding the Twins quest.
  • Kill Feathered Coatls until you gather 15 Tropical Bird Feathers.
  • Return to Blaze to get your reward.

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Blaze (Otami Ruins)

Blaze is having trouble gathering Coatl Feathers for Rin and Lin and asked you to help gather some.

Step Details:

Collect 15 Tropical Bird Feathers for Blaze from the Feathered Coatls in Otami Ruins.
Return the Tropical Bird Feathers to Blaze in Otami Ruins.

Game ScriptEdit

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