F: Who'd have thought, when I was a child, that I would have become a guard? I was destined for so much more...before the accident.

>>An accident? Were you injured?

F: Suffice to say, I have not been on stage since it happened. My life in the spotlight ended that day.

>>That's terrible! What happened?

F: No. I do not talk about the specifics of that incident. It is far too painful to recall.

>>Oh, come on. I have to know!

F: I told you I'm not talking about it. Only an unemotional robot could talk about something so painful.

(go to Anniedroid)

A: Loading...Please wait... Ah, there you are. What may I do for you, (name)?

Hey Annie. I was just talking to Fernando about his accident but he won't tell me what happened. Do you have any idea?

A: This information is contained in my data-bank. Shall I access filename fernando_accident?

Yes, please.

A: One moment... Accessing...

A: ...Accessing...

A: ...Mounting Data...

A: ...Executing Unrelated Functions...

A: ...Beginning System Erasure, Cancel or Allow?


A: ...Cancelling System Erasure...

Could this take any longer?

A: ...Taking Longer...

GAH! Display already!

A: ...Displaying File... fernando_accident..

A: Fernando (A.K.A. Fabulously Flying Fernando), performed with zipper down. Refers to incident as 'the accident.' Last recorded instance of fernando_dance. End of file.

Were you waiting for me to say 'display' the whole time?

A: Affirmative.

Uhg. Your interface is worse than DOS.

A: Error... Unknown Command... Exiting.

What?! I wasn't even trying to give a command! Oh, nevermind. I need to go find Fernando some zipper-less pants, anyway.


F: Please don't ask me about my accident.

Accident? You mean when you forget to pull your zipper up?

F: What?! Who told you?!


F: I knew it! That little robot-wannabe is always gossiping about me! Oooh, I'm so mad I could pull her plug!

>>Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. I'll even track down a pair of zipper-less pants for you to prove it.

F: Good luck with that. I've been looking all over!

Surely one of the shops in Barton Town will have something.

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