E: Is there something I can do for you?

Barry sent me to you. My name is (name). I understand you're one of the foremost authorities on rings and something called a 'Null Chamber'.

E: I should have known. It seems like I'm answering those questions all the time now, just because I was the first person to stumble into it around here. What did you want to know?

Well, I've heard that the rings somehow bond with us, allowing us to draw energy from our bodies through the rings somehow. Strange stuff like that.

E: Yeah, well, that's not even the weird stuff yet.

Really? There's more?

E: Yup. When you transport to that...chamber, it seems that your...err..essence seems to get recorded or bonded there somehow.

Uhhh, that doesn't sound so good.

E: We're not really sure. But so far it seems to be working *for* us, not against us. Going to that chamber seems to make us...well..kind of immortal. Or at least something *like* immortal anyways. If you get knocked out in the field, it's like your awareness can somehow *release* itself and fly back to reform at the Null Chamber.

You're kidding! That's like stuff out of a fantasy story!

E: Yeah, I agreed. It's nuts. But you've got those rings on your fingers now, so they're bound to you and you'll never get them off, unless you get inside the Null Chamber. And besides...there are a LOT of Animated out there...way more of them than there are of us...and our regular weapons don't do anything to them. How else are we suppose to defend ourselves?

...okay, I see your point. But still...

E: I know, I know, but it's the only choice we have at the moment. If you find something better, I'd *love* to hear about it. I really hate using these things, since we know so little about them really, but what else can we do?

It seems so...wrong. Like someone is forcing us to make these choices and setting us up for something really bad.

E: Let's hope not. (reward)

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