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Gaia Standard Time (GST) is the time of the world of Gaia. A day in Gaia is 10.28[1] times faster than the time of the real world, making a day in Gaia a lot shorter so that all users worldwide has a chance to see Gaia during different times of the day.[2]

Equivalents Edit

Given that GST is 10.28 faster than the real world, we can obtain these following equivalents.

  • 1 GST minute = 1/10.28 of a minute (roughly 5.837 seconds)
  • 1 GST hour = 1/10.28 of an hour (roughly 5 minutes and 50.22 seconds)
  • 1 GST day = 1/10.28 of a day (roughly 2 hours 20 minutes and 6 seconds)

GST equivalents for zOMG! Edit

  • 1 GST hour is equivalent to 10.23 minutes.[3]
    • This is contradicting the 10.28 faster time statement made earlier.

Notes Edit

  • Some Gaia events and quests are time specific. For Example:
    • Halloween 2008 and Halloween 2009 were only active during 6pm-6am GST.
    • Ike and the other surfers at Gold Beach, for quests like Swirlies Suck, are only active during the evening.
    • The Night Patrol, which is composed of Flying Giftboxes, only comes out between the hours of 6pm-6am GST.

References Edit

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