October 24, 2008

"Closed Beta" ending..."Open Beta" beginning!

Howdy, Gaians!

We've been working hard "behind the curtain" to get zOMG! ready for you all, and now is the time where we finally have to open the curtain and let you all play.

Is the game done yet? No...not quite. But we can't finish it unless we ask a bunch of you to play it for a while so we can shake out all the issues that arise due to load and random gameplay situations.

So, we're opening the gates and starting to let people in on Monday, October 27th!

The folks with Head Start tickets will get to play for a couple days first, and then we'll be letting in waves of "veterans" from the community after that, starting with the 5-year vets, then the 4-year vets, and so on until *everyone* has the opportunity to play.

We're really looking forward to this. "Closed" Beta was a blast and we can't wait to let you see what we've been crafting behind closed doors all this time.

We'll get it all polished up and shiny in "Open Beta" and then we'll announce the game to the world. So for's a happy Gaia playground. Enjoy!

See you all, starting on Monday!

-- Q.

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