October 25, 2008

zOMG! is Almost Here!

zOMG!, our long-awaited MMO, is almost ready for action! Over the coming days, we'll be gradually starting up our open beta phase -- all Gaia members will be able to fight bizarre monsters, explore strange new lands and experience Gaia in a whole new way.

On October 27th, Gaians who managed to snag a zOMG! Head Start Ticket will have an exclusive chance to play the game before anyone else.

We'll gradually start letting more people in, based on how long they've been on the site: four-year old members, three-year, then two-year, then one-year, then everybody.

We've set up an info post with all the info about the zOMG! launch -- check it often, because we'll update it frequently with the latest news: Get the Info

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