October 27, 2008

Open Beta Begins!

Howdy there, Gaians,

Open Beta has begun! Today (10/27/08), the "Head Start" ticket holders have the honor of being the first ones to enter zOMG! on the Live servers, getting to save their progress from here on out.

We'll be adding lots more people, in successive waves, via the "veterans" program that you've seen covered in the zOMG! announcement.

And, not too far from now, everyone on the site will be able to play at any time they desire!

How long will "Open Beta" last? To be honest...we don't know. It will depend on how long it takes to reach stability with many, many thousands of people on the servers at the same time, while we also continue to kill off bugs that we find.

But it should be a fun ride...and every day that goes by will result in a tighter and tighter game that Gaians can be proud to call their own.

See you in-game!

-- Q.

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