October 31, 2008

zOMG! is Here! Official Info Post

The long wait for zOMG! is up: soon, you'll be beating up monsters and experiencing the Gaia world in a whole new way. We've started the open beta phase of the game, meaning we've still got a lot of work to do, but it's time to let every Gaian jump in and play.

To make the launch as smooth as possible, we'll be letting different groups of users in gradually over the coming days.

So far, the groups admitted were the Head Start ticket holders, and the 3-year (or older) Gaian veterans.

Today, we're allowing everyone that has a registration date of 2006 or older into the game (2-year vets and older). More waves will be coming thereafter, until finally, everyone gets in!

Please bookmark this announcement for all the latest updates on the zOMG! launch! We'll be updating it regularly with new developments, so check back often.

See you in the game,

-The Gaia Team

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