November 5, 2008

This update was supposed to have taken place at 10:15am - 10:45am PST, but went for much longer.   (Original post.)

Ummm...that didn't work out so well. (Morning Update)

Hi there, Gaians,

Sorry about the length of this morning's maintenance window. Our attempt to rollback the Halloween event (so that Barton became normal again) ran into some snags.

Basically, the Bartonians rebelled on us. They really, really, REALLY didn't want to start wearing their normal clothes again.

I mean...we tore down all the decorations and TOLD them to start getting for Christmas instead, but Gaians *love* Halloween, and so they demanded another day of wearing their costumes.

So...for today, the town is back to normal, but the town's citizens are all wearing costumes again. They've been informed that they need to be back in their civvies tomorrow though. :)

Anyway...other than that, everything is working as it should.

Enjoy! (And sorry again for the length of the maintenance window.)

-- Q.

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