November 7, 2008

NOTE: Some of these upgrades were supposed to have been implemented in the last update, as Qixter said: "They were supposed to have made it...but it didn't happen."


  • Mama and Papa Saw should spawn correctly.
  • She Wolf should spawn correctly.


  • Added a script fix to auto-resolve player flags if you are stuck in the Sewers with the NPCs unwilling to speak to you. The next time you visit the Train Station, you will get reset. You might get set back in a conversation a tiny way, but you'll be able to progress normally again thereafter.
  • All ring grants given by NPCs at the end of quest chains now give you access to ALL rings...not just the rings that drop in that particular zone. (This makes it a bit easier to craft the kind of character you want.)
  • All quest-chain ring granting scripts (Leon, Remo, Bill, Kin, and Logan) have been updated to prevent the "wrong ring" result. If you choose a ring and then change your mind and choose another ring, you will get the latest choice now instead of the previous one.
  • [farm?]ing and orb drop rates have been increased somewhat to make non-quest-oriented hunting slightly more lucrative.
  • Kat's Doll's quest is fixed. (There was anti-ninja-looting code added to the chest which was over-aggressively keeping lots of folks out.)
  • Mon Cheri should be easy to find now. If you've killed She Wolf previously, and you were stuck finding the axe, then you should be able to find it now. For everyone that hasn't done it yet, the quest should work correctly.


  • Fixed a major balance issue with Dodge and Accuracy bonuses/buffs being calculated incorrectly.
  • Gumshoe now lasts 15 seconds and slows the target by 75%.
  • Improbability Sphere and Pot Lid can now stop much bigger attacks than they could previously, when they manage to reflect/deflect the incoming attack.
  • Teflon Spray and Rock Armor were overpowered and were stopping too much damage. They have been reduced to be more in-line with intended balance.
  • Turtle has been increased in damage-stopping power to make it a better "Look out!" shield.


  • Large server populations should not cause the load balancer to fail.

Other Changes

  • A flaw in the chest granting that involved larger Crews has been prevented.

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