November 13, 2008

This update took place at 9:30am - 10:30am PST.


  • Landshark is a LOT tougher now. Beware!
  • Masks in "The Gauntlet" no longer root their targets.
  • The very last boss that you fight got nerfed a *little* bit to make the end-game more possible.


  • If you were previously stuck in the sewers, you should now be able to talk to Dani again and restart your quests so you can progress normally. (Change was actually made on Friday, but was not passed to all servers until just recently.)
  • Mark's quests are now active. (Talk to Mark near the fountain in Barton Town to start that series of quests.)
  • The "Gauntlet" got an overhaul.
  • Three new quests added to Bill's Ranch (one each for Larry, Klaus, and Purvis). These are "filler" quests...not major storyline elements. [Refers to "Forever Fluffy", "Kloked Out", and "Buh-durn Garlic"]


  • Ring Polisher bug fixed. Was only doing +10% increase. Now is adjusted to do +25%, as intended.
  • Visual animations now shown when Superhchargers or Ring Polishers used.


  • Server stability fixes. (Invisible to you, but it means less server crashes on the weekends.)

User Interface

  • Your game settings will save now between sessions. There used to be a problem where if you changed your keyboard settings and then logged out, they reverted to default after you logged in again. That's fixed now.
  • If you mouseover the blue "friend" dots or red "crew" dots on the Map, you'll see a mouseover label that tells you the name of the player shown.

Other Changes

  • Memory leak fixes (most noticeable in Village Greens and Bill's Ranch)


We found a few issues in the build, so there were three changes made:

1) If you were playing the Gauntlet and just ran like heck after touching the statue, then it could break the script and no spawns would occur. That's fixed now.

2) The Gauntlet Masks *do* root you now...but for shorter periods than they used to do so that you can't get "chain-rooted".

3) There was a flaw in the training script that occurred to people that had logged off in the Train Station before they started the Peelunger quest. That is fixed now also and if you were in that situation, it'll be fixed the next time you log on and talk to Dani.

Wiki Notes

  • Duct Tape's animation was changed. It originally had a roll of duct tape come out, then spin around a target and cover them in lines of dark silver tape, while they struggled to get out. It still shows a roll of duct coming out, but now targets fall asleep instead, with zZzZz's to indicate it (getting larger the more rage is used). The original, covered in tape, struggling animation is rare. It may be getting confused with the animation for Masks of Death and Rebirths however, since they use Duct Tape originally and showed the sleep Z's.

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