November 20, 2008


  • The last boss's regen rates were diminished somewhat.


  • The villain monologues in the last scenarios in the game are fixed now and shouldn't cause you further trouble.


  • Crowd Control abilities (for players AND monsters) have been improved somewhat. The player rings are all more effective (they "hit" more often), and various monsters now have more (or less) willpower than they once did, making the game more interesting for those that use Crowd Control abilities (like Duct Tape, Scaredy Cat, and Quicksand).


  • A server deadlock was found and eliminated. (Deadlocks crash servers, so this is an important fix.)

Other Changes

  • Chests guarded by monsters have been updated with "anti-ninja-looting" code. Players that helped fight against the monsters that were guarding the chest now have a 15-second window to loot the chest before it becomes lootable by anyone in the game.
  • A couple of exploits were sealed that involved working around the chest CL and TC checks, as well as a crew exploit that was being used aggressively by some people.

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