November 25, 2008

This update took place at 9:30am-10:30am PST.   (Original post.)


We changed artwork to optimize frame rate and improve performance. The following mobs have been optimized:

  • Anchorbug
  • Brain Clam
  • Female Labtech
  • Lorelei's Guardians
  • Mushroom Cannon
  • Predator Prairie Pup
  • Taiko Drum
  • The Sea Witch (Queen Lorelei)
  • Water Spouts (and Sea Spouts)

Also, all of the underwater areas have been optimized and the Fire Rain ring FX has been optimized as well.


  • The Hive now dynamically adjusts its challenge level to match the CL of the crew member with the highest Overall CL value. This increases the challenge of the Hive and makes it more replayable.
  • The undersea sequence of missions now also adjusts its challenge level. These missions adjust their base challenge level between 8.0 and 10.0, depending on the highest overall CL value in your Crew.
  • We added a fix for the "feast or famine" issue where players would get either a) no drops, or b) way too many drops, because of the randomness of the drops. There's now a system that keeps track of how long it's been since you successfully got a drop and increases that drop rate slowly over time, to help ensure that you DO eventually get something in each category. This includes common, uncommon, recipe, orbs, and ring drops. (NOTE: The probabilities never become 100%, so there will still be some randomness to the process, but you should definitely find fewer "drought" spells where you gain nothing at all.)
  • Lots of fixes to strengthen various scripts and prevent breakages. This is an on-going process, but lots of improvements were made. We're also in-process creating watchdog code that watches for things breaking so that we can be more informed about where bad things happen. That will help us quickly isolate the issues and make even faster progress in the future.


  • Gustav has a new repeatable quest that you can do in Bass'ken Lake.


  • We no longer show a server on the list if you can't join it. (Mostly this avoids showing locked servers.)
  • Mouseover tips were added to make understanding the green/yellow/red lights a bit easier.
  • The World List was simplified for ease of understanding.

User Interface


  • When you click on the chat scroll bar and move it up, you can now hold it in position and read the chat history more easily. (Previously, a new chat message would yank the scroll bar down to the bottom, which was hugely annoying.)
  • The color of the text you enter in the chat pane now reflects the "send" option you have selected to make it easier to remember what channel you're broadcasting on. (Example: If you've selected the "Crew" channel to send on, then the text you type will be blue.)
  • The "send" channel previously known as "Local" is now "Talk". The keyboard shortcut for using this channel is now "/t".
  • The "send" channel previously known as "Area" is now "Shout". The keyboard shortcut for using this channel is now "/s".
  • (The keyboard shortcut for "Crew" is still "/c".)
  • The keyboard shortcut for sending "Clan" communications is changed from "/g" to "/cl".


  • Many elements that didn't previously have mouseover text now do have such text. (Like the Inventory button, the hotbar movement controls, etc.)
  • Many existing UI mouseovers were changed to make them easier to understand.
  • The Progress Hub (the "wing" element in the upper, right of the screen) now has mouseover tooltips on the three numbers shown there.

New Default Target Selection

  • Because not all keyboards have the "~" key, we have moved the default key for target selection to "Q" instead. (Remember! You can set that key to anything you desire by going to the MENU -> OPTIONS screen.)


  • The PDA tabs that existed previously have been replaced with four simple buttons to make it easier to understand and navigate the various aspects of the PDA.
  • The most recently-updated quest is now highlighted to make it easier to tell what was updated. The highlighting stays until you get another such update later on.

Other UI Changes

  • The "CREW" part of "RECREWT" got colorized so that people could understand it was a pun...not a typo.
  • The "Hand" icon was changed to the "Backpack" icon because people didn't understand that "Hand" meant "Ring Inventory".
  • There is now a "SHOPS" entry in the "MENU" to make it easier to find the shops for recipe exchanges and access to Power-Ups.
  • Tutorial dialogs now have opaque backgrounds to make them easier to read.

One late breaking "Gotcha"

We just found out from QA that there's one minor issue with the update that won't get fixed in time for tomorrow's push.

The shortcut keys to open your PDA ("M" and "T" wink are not functional now and using them results in a blank window being displayed.

We will fix this in the next update. For now, just click on the interface buttons to open those widgets and you'll be able to play just fine.

Wiki Notes

  • The population column when selecting a server was removed.

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