December 18, 2008

This update took place from 8:30am-10:23am PST. (Starting an hour earlier than the usual time).   (Original post.)

  • The Barton Christmas Tree appears in the town square. It starts kind of Charlie-Brown-ish, but will grow as the holidays approach. Gifts are present also (more of them as the tree gets bigger) and they can be clicked for goodies. Some gifts are Naughty, and some are Nice. (And yes, there's a badge).
  • A minor fix was made to the new Training scripts to prevent a rare, unusual glitch that trapped a few people in the Mumbler room.
  • Lots of new artwork was added, but will be invisible to you until we push more new stuff next week.

Wiki Notes

  • "Low Signal" text and icon in PDA that could be dragged around in previous update now locked in place.
  • Christmas themed cows in Bill's Ranch (dark green leafy collar, yellow bells).
  • Christmas themed Flying Giftboxes (red wrapping paper, green ties, blue bow, and light yellow wings) appear near the Barton Christmas tree and are much weaker than the Flying Giftboxes found in Bass'ken. This also makes them the only animated to spawn in Barton, which is supposed to be a safe haven and free of animated.
  • Ring drops gifted from the Barton Christmas Tree are not soulbound, even though it says they should be.
  • Voluntarily Lowering CL feature added to Trixie.
  • Feature may glitch and lower rings to chosen CL, NOT overall CL.

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