November 1, 2008

We're letting more people in today!

If you've been on the site for ONE year or more, you're invited to hop into the zOMG! beta now. In fact, we'll even give you a convenient link.

(In case you missed it, the convenient link was cleverly hidden in the words "convenient link.")

November 3, 2008

ALL users may enter...2008 and older!

The server updates were made and we're watching them carefully before announcing any other changes. Stay tuned!

NOTE: We're not announcing it site-wide yet, because we want to analyze the population as it increases more slowly than a site-wide announcement would bring...BUT...the doors are wide open. Any Gaian may enter now.

-- Q.

November 5, 2008

This update was supposed to have taken place at 10:15am - 10:45am PST, but went for much longer.   (Original post.)

Ummm...that didn't work out so well. (Morning Update)

Hi there, Gaians,

Sorry about the length of this morning's maintenance window. Our attempt to rollback the Halloween event (so that Barton became normal again) ran into some snags.

Basically, the Bartonians rebelled on us. They really, really, REALLY didn't want to start wearing their normal clothes again.

I mean...we tore down all the decorations and TOLD them to start getting for Christmas instead, but Gaians *love* Halloween, and so they demanded another day of wearing their costumes.

So...for today, the town is back to normal, but the town's citizens are all wearing costumes again. They've been informed that they need to be back in their civvies tomorrow though. :)

Anyway...other than that, everything is working as it should.

Enjoy! (And sorry again for the length of the maintenance window.)

-- Q.

November 7, 2008

NOTE: Some of these upgrades were supposed to have been implemented in the last update, as Qixter said: "They were supposed to have made it...but it didn't happen."


  • Mama and Papa Saw should spawn correctly.
  • She Wolf should spawn correctly.


  • Added a script fix to auto-resolve player flags if you are stuck in the Sewers with the NPCs unwilling to speak to you. The next time you visit the Train Station, you will get reset. You might get set back in a conversation a tiny way, but you'll be able to progress normally again thereafter.
  • All ring grants given by NPCs at the end of quest chains now give you access to ALL rings...not just the rings that drop in that particular zone. (This makes it a bit easier to craft the kind of character you want.)
  • All quest-chain ring granting scripts (Leon, Remo, Bill, Kin, and Logan) have been updated to prevent the "wrong ring" result. If you choose a ring and then change your mind and choose another ring, you will get the latest choice now instead of the previous one.
  • [farm?]ing and orb drop rates have been increased somewhat to make non-quest-oriented hunting slightly more lucrative.
  • Kat's Doll's quest is fixed. (There was anti-ninja-looting code added to the chest which was over-aggressively keeping lots of folks out.)
  • Mon Cheri should be easy to find now. If you've killed She Wolf previously, and you were stuck finding the axe, then you should be able to find it now. For everyone that hasn't done it yet, the quest should work correctly.


  • Fixed a major balance issue with Dodge and Accuracy bonuses/buffs being calculated incorrectly.
  • Gumshoe now lasts 15 seconds and slows the target by 75%.
  • Improbability Sphere and Pot Lid can now stop much bigger attacks than they could previously, when they manage to reflect/deflect the incoming attack.
  • Teflon Spray and Rock Armor were overpowered and were stopping too much damage. They have been reduced to be more in-line with intended balance.
  • Turtle has been increased in damage-stopping power to make it a better "Look out!" shield.


  • Large server populations should not cause the load balancer to fail.

Other Changes

  • A flaw in the chest granting that involved larger Crews has been prevented.

November 13, 2008

This update took place at 9:30am - 10:30am PST.


  • Landshark is a LOT tougher now. Beware!
  • Masks in "The Gauntlet" no longer root their targets.
  • The very last boss that you fight got nerfed a *little* bit to make the end-game more possible.


  • If you were previously stuck in the sewers, you should now be able to talk to Dani again and restart your quests so you can progress normally. (Change was actually made on Friday, but was not passed to all servers until just recently.)
  • Mark's quests are now active. (Talk to Mark near the fountain in Barton Town to start that series of quests.)
  • The "Gauntlet" got an overhaul.
  • Three new quests added to Bill's Ranch (one each for Larry, Klaus, and Purvis). These are "filler" quests...not major storyline elements. [Refers to "Forever Fluffy", "Kloked Out", and "Buh-durn Garlic"]


  • Ring Polisher bug fixed. Was only doing +10% increase. Now is adjusted to do +25%, as intended.
  • Visual animations now shown when Superhchargers or Ring Polishers used.


  • Server stability fixes. (Invisible to you, but it means less server crashes on the weekends.)

User Interface

  • Your game settings will save now between sessions. There used to be a problem where if you changed your keyboard settings and then logged out, they reverted to default after you logged in again. That's fixed now.
  • If you mouseover the blue "friend" dots or red "crew" dots on the Map, you'll see a mouseover label that tells you the name of the player shown.

Other Changes

  • Memory leak fixes (most noticeable in Village Greens and Bill's Ranch)


We found a few issues in the build, so there were three changes made:

1) If you were playing the Gauntlet and just ran like heck after touching the statue, then it could break the script and no spawns would occur. That's fixed now.

2) The Gauntlet Masks *do* root you now...but for shorter periods than they used to do so that you can't get "chain-rooted".

3) There was a flaw in the training script that occurred to people that had logged off in the Train Station before they started the Peelunger quest. That is fixed now also and if you were in that situation, it'll be fixed the next time you log on and talk to Dani.

Wiki Notes

  • Duct Tape's animation was changed. It originally had a roll of duct tape come out, then spin around a target and cover them in lines of dark silver tape, while they struggled to get out. It still shows a roll of duct coming out, but now targets fall asleep instead, with zZzZz's to indicate it (getting larger the more rage is used). The original, covered in tape, struggling animation is rare. It may be getting confused with the animation for Masks of Death and Rebirths however, since they use Duct Tape originally and showed the sleep Z's.

November 20, 2008


  • The last boss's regen rates were diminished somewhat.


  • The villain monologues in the last scenarios in the game are fixed now and shouldn't cause you further trouble.


  • Crowd Control abilities (for players AND monsters) have been improved somewhat. The player rings are all more effective (they "hit" more often), and various monsters now have more (or less) willpower than they once did, making the game more interesting for those that use Crowd Control abilities (like Duct Tape, Scaredy Cat, and Quicksand).


  • A server deadlock was found and eliminated. (Deadlocks crash servers, so this is an important fix.)

Other Changes

  • Chests guarded by monsters have been updated with "anti-ninja-looting" code. Players that helped fight against the monsters that were guarding the chest now have a 15-second window to loot the chest before it becomes lootable by anyone in the game.
  • A couple of exploits were sealed that involved working around the chest CL and TC checks, as well as a crew exploit that was being used aggressively by some people.

November 25, 2008

This update took place at 9:30am-10:30am PST.   (Original post.)


We changed artwork to optimize frame rate and improve performance. The following mobs have been optimized:

  • Anchorbug
  • Brain Clam
  • Female Labtech
  • Lorelei's Guardians
  • Mushroom Cannon
  • Predator Prairie Pup
  • Taiko Drum
  • The Sea Witch (Queen Lorelei)
  • Water Spouts (and Sea Spouts)

Also, all of the underwater areas have been optimized and the Fire Rain ring FX has been optimized as well.


  • The Hive now dynamically adjusts its challenge level to match the CL of the crew member with the highest Overall CL value. This increases the challenge of the Hive and makes it more replayable.
  • The undersea sequence of missions now also adjusts its challenge level. These missions adjust their base challenge level between 8.0 and 10.0, depending on the highest overall CL value in your Crew.
  • We added a fix for the "feast or famine" issue where players would get either a) no drops, or b) way too many drops, because of the randomness of the drops. There's now a system that keeps track of how long it's been since you successfully got a drop and increases that drop rate slowly over time, to help ensure that you DO eventually get something in each category. This includes common, uncommon, recipe, orbs, and ring drops. (NOTE: The probabilities never become 100%, so there will still be some randomness to the process, but you should definitely find fewer "drought" spells where you gain nothing at all.)
  • Lots of fixes to strengthen various scripts and prevent breakages. This is an on-going process, but lots of improvements were made. We're also in-process creating watchdog code that watches for things breaking so that we can be more informed about where bad things happen. That will help us quickly isolate the issues and make even faster progress in the future.


  • Gustav has a new repeatable quest that you can do in Bass'ken Lake.


  • We no longer show a server on the list if you can't join it. (Mostly this avoids showing locked servers.)
  • Mouseover tips were added to make understanding the green/yellow/red lights a bit easier.
  • The World List was simplified for ease of understanding.

User Interface


  • When you click on the chat scroll bar and move it up, you can now hold it in position and read the chat history more easily. (Previously, a new chat message would yank the scroll bar down to the bottom, which was hugely annoying.)
  • The color of the text you enter in the chat pane now reflects the "send" option you have selected to make it easier to remember what channel you're broadcasting on. (Example: If you've selected the "Crew" channel to send on, then the text you type will be blue.)
  • The "send" channel previously known as "Local" is now "Talk". The keyboard shortcut for using this channel is now "/t".
  • The "send" channel previously known as "Area" is now "Shout". The keyboard shortcut for using this channel is now "/s".
  • (The keyboard shortcut for "Crew" is still "/c".)
  • The keyboard shortcut for sending "Clan" communications is changed from "/g" to "/cl".


  • Many elements that didn't previously have mouseover text now do have such text. (Like the Inventory button, the hotbar movement controls, etc.)
  • Many existing UI mouseovers were changed to make them easier to understand.
  • The Progress Hub (the "wing" element in the upper, right of the screen) now has mouseover tooltips on the three numbers shown there.

New Default Target Selection

  • Because not all keyboards have the "~" key, we have moved the default key for target selection to "Q" instead. (Remember! You can set that key to anything you desire by going to the MENU -> OPTIONS screen.)


  • The PDA tabs that existed previously have been replaced with four simple buttons to make it easier to understand and navigate the various aspects of the PDA.
  • The most recently-updated quest is now highlighted to make it easier to tell what was updated. The highlighting stays until you get another such update later on.

Other UI Changes

  • The "CREW" part of "RECREWT" got colorized so that people could understand it was a pun...not a typo.
  • The "Hand" icon was changed to the "Backpack" icon because people didn't understand that "Hand" meant "Ring Inventory".
  • There is now a "SHOPS" entry in the "MENU" to make it easier to find the shops for recipe exchanges and access to Power-Ups.
  • Tutorial dialogs now have opaque backgrounds to make them easier to read.

One late breaking "Gotcha"

We just found out from QA that there's one minor issue with the update that won't get fixed in time for tomorrow's push.

The shortcut keys to open your PDA ("M" and "T" wink are not functional now and using them results in a blank window being displayed.

We will fix this in the next update. For now, just click on the interface buttons to open those widgets and you'll be able to play just fine.

Wiki Notes

  • The population column when selecting a server was removed.

November 26, 2008

This update took place at 9:30am-10:30am PST.

Original posts: Announcement: MAINTENANCE WINDOW (Wednesday, 11/26, 9:30am - 10:30am PST)
Announcement: MAINTENANCE IS IN PROGRESS! (Servers back ASAP.)
Wednesday maintenance is complete - Servers are open.
  • We're going to tune the drop rates a bit further tonight and update the servers with the new data in the morning. (The new patch results in too many drops. So enjoy it for tonight.)
  • Also, a small logic error in the underwater series of missions was found and eliminated that will result in better dynamic scaling.

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