January 15, 2009

This update took place from 9:30am - 10:30am PST.   (Original post.)


  • The first step in our march to improve framerate occurs today. We found that we were drawing a few things WAY too often and we've prevented that now. This may improve framerate for a bunch of you by 2-3 frames.
  • New mini-boss lairs have been added! The Katsumi's Kokeshi Doll encounter in Zen Gardens is now an instance, and so is the She Wolf encounter in Bass'ken Lake. You can replay these encounters as many times as you wish! You have to have the quest, or have completed the quest OR someone in your crew has to have, or have completed the quest, in order for you to enter the encounter area. Also, these quests have max CL limits, so you may have to Suppress your CL to play them. (Talk to Trixie in the Null Chamber to temporarily suppress your CL.)
  • Big improvements were made if you are playing as a "guest". The flow into the game, and the ease of registering are now MUCH better.
  • Lots of script bug fixes throughout Barton Town, the Sewers quests, and the training sequence were made.

User Interface

  • There are icons added to the ame under player avatars. You can see an icon if someone has their "Looking for Crew" switch turned *off* so that you know they're not looking for a crew. And, there's another icon if you are already IN a crew (so that other people know not to invite you again). These icons are handy when looking at the people in your area for crewmates instead of using the RECREWT list.
  • The Intro movie no longer plays automatically. To view the movie, just click the new, big "Play the Movie" button on the World List page. This prevents a hefty download of the movie file for new folks that don't have great bandwidth connections.
  • A "News" page has been added to the World List page so you can stay up-to-date about the game even without checking the zOMG! forums.

Wiki Notes

  • Game updated from version 1.0.S23924 to S24740 (1.0 is not listed)
  • In game updates don't go back further than December 2, 2008, unlike this Wiki.
  • Looking for crew icon colors explained: Red = Not looking for crew, Green = Looking for crew, Blue = In a crew.
  • Selecting a character now shows their Health and Stamina as well as if they're looking for a crew.
  • New Quest after final boss is beaten, but doesn't work. New boat in Gold Beach as well, possibly connected. [1]

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