January 16, 2009

This update took place from 3:45pm - 4:45pm PST (ran late to 5:09). Mostly fixed problems introduced by the previous update. Had a very short announcement window before it was applied.   (Original post.)

  • Keyboard movement stopping constantly making that movement method very annoying [fixed]
  • The name color of the selected target doesn't change to grey anymore
  • Guest registration window not closing after being opened [fixed]
  • Mini-map flags sometimes sorted the wrong way around (with the active flag being behind a question mark)
  • She Wolf and Kat's Doll scenarios have been better tuned for solo- and crew-play.
  • Supercharger powerups can now be used once every 15 seconds, instead of once every 20 seconds.

Wiki Notes

  • Game updated from version S24740 to S24908.

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