February 4, 2009

This update took place from 9:30am - 10:30am PST.   (Original post.)

New Bug Fix and Optimizations

First things, first: We did *not* fix all the bugs. We're not even close to claiming that yet.

But we did fix a bunch of stuff this week, and we also optimized a lot of stuff, as well.

There were more than 200 bug fixes made throughout the game. So although you probably won't notice anything hugely different, you'll probably notice a lot fewer annoyances caused by small issues here and there.

There will be even more of these fixes next week.


We're still just beginning the optimization process, but here are some of the immediate changes we've made:

  • Added a feature to boost framerate if it dips and the user has available CPU
  • Improved avatar performance (hit animation, dazed animation, healing and damage numbers animations)
  • Improved hornet's nest ring performance
  • Improved hotfoot performance
  • Improved Sand Golem performance
  • Improved Taiko Drum performance
  • Improved Peelunger performance
  • Improved performance for chest, crate, basket, safe.
  • Improved some water animations in sewer training
  • Improved train station animation
  • Some avatar performance improvements (not as much updating of the avatar for things that are not visible).
  • Some general efficiency improvements to things that happen on every frame or on a short timer
  • Some more general efficiency improvements to things that happen on every frame or on a short timer

Wiki Notes

Game updated to version S25968.

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