February 12, 2009

This update took place from 9:30am - 10:30am PST.   (Original post.)

PowerUp Soulbinding Changes

We'll be changing the properties of PowerUp items so that any PowerUp purchased directly from Back Alley Bargains will be tradable and non-soulbound.

Only the PowerUps gained within the game, as well as those gained from promotional items (contests or marketing promotions) will continue to stay soulbound. This is done to prevent item farming (within the game) and marketplace flooding (from promotional items).

Since PowerUps from Back Alley Bargains will be fully tradable and never soulbound, that means that players without access to GCash, as well as international players, will now start to have access to those PowerUps via the Marketplace.

Re-balance of Orb Rewards for Boss Lairs and Mini-Games

When we recently increased the orb rewards for quests and monsters, we didn't increase the rewards for the Lairs, and the Goof Course and Water Fountain games were sorely due for an overhaul to make them rewarding also.

The Lairs now grant orbs more in-keeping with the other rewards you get in those zones. NOTE: You get a lot more orbs in a large crew than you do as a solo player. This compensates for the increased challenge when playing the encounter with a large crew.

The Goof Course gives you *at least* one orb, and considerably more if you beat par for the course. (The lower your score, the higher the reward.) This reward is also scaled by the goofer's overall CL, so if you're a vet, you still get a good reward for going back and playing those games.

The Water Fountain game now rewards you with orbs, increasing in award size for every round BEYOND 12 that you complete.'ll start receiving orb rewards from after finishing Round 13. This theoretically has no give it a try! (You'll need a crew of four!)

Also, the Goof Course and Water Fountain "first try" rewards were increased significantly also. (Us? Tease you to try out a game? Nahhhh.... wink

Bass'ken Fluff Changes

The guards recently put out garbage cans along the road leading north. But two funny things occurred at that time:

  • It turns out that the grass fluffs and carrion fluffs are intimidated by these silent iron sentinels and they now huddle in the bushes and the trees in the area instead of wandering freely.
  • But when someone beats on one of the cans, that seems to encourage the fluffs to come out of hiding. (Maybe they think the trash can is no longer so threatening or something.) Carrion Flower Fluffs usually seize the moment to attack whomever beat on the can, while the Grass Fluffs just tend to play instead.
  • The trash cans don't seem to intimidate the Mother Fluffs or her guardians at all. If anything, the Mothers have become more protective of the fluffs in the area. Be warned...if you are attacking a fluff...and one of the Mothers sees you doing're in for a world of hurt. (And visa versa...the fluffs feel a lot more protective of their Mothers now, also.)

NOTE: This change allows anyone trying to do the repeatable quest from Ryan (the guard) to find Carrion Flower Fluffs when they want to do so. They just have to beat trash cans for a while...and dodge the Mother Fluffs at the same time.

Trixie's Tips

When you are Dazed and you choose to go back to the Null Chamber to Awaken, you will now find that Trixie tries to be helpful by giving you hints that might help you survive longer in the future.

If you don't want to see Trixie's hints, then you can speak to her right there in the Null Chamber and turn it off as a conversation option.

If you ever want to turn it back on again, you can do that in the same way.

Other Improvements

  • The "Suppress your CL" conversation with Trixie has been improved so that you only see the tutorial the first time that you access that conversation (after this change). From that point on, Trixie won't force you to read the tutorial and will let you just pull up the Suppression widget instead.
  • Literally, over 200 minor bug fixes are included in this update (yes...200 more...we've been busy).

Optimization Fix List

More artwork was optimized. This week's monsters that were improved for framerate reasons included:

  • Sand Castle Golem
  • Taiko Drum
  • Predator Prairie Pup
  • All Kokeshi Dolls (regular, collectible, and Kat's Doll)

Wiki Notes

  • Game updated to Qmark

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