February 26, 2009

Two different updates took place on this date. The main update took place from 9:30am - 10:30am PST (originally planned for Wednesday or typo, as it said Thursday, 2/25, yet Thursday was the 26th) and was originally posted here: [1]. An additional update aimed at individual users happened after, posted here: [2]

Main Update

  • Three new repeatable tasks in Old Aqueduct: Vox Stellarum, Into the Fray, and Alien Salvage are all three unusual quests that can be done many times. You can get those quests from (respectively), George (one of the True Believers), Agent Caruthers and the G-Corp Labtech.
  • A nice new optimization improves the framerate in areas with lots of critters. This has remarkable improvement in areas like Old Aqueduct and Otami Ruins.
  • New music! The new mini-boss lairs (Kat's Doll, Wolf Den, Saw Mill, and Duneslam Island) all have brand-new original music from Jeremy Soule. Plus, we've added lots of "filler" music tracks to the zones from Village to Bass'ken.
  • Logic was added to mini-boss lairs so that if a player goes into an instance with low-CL rings, and then puts high-CL on *after* they enter that instance, they will receive no rewards after beating the boss in that encounter.
  • More quest bug fixes.

Additional Update

We made a database fix in the wee hours of the night last night, but it appears to have only been a partial success in fixing the "blank PDA" task issue.

We'll fix the rest of it this morning. Stay tuned!

-- Q.

ALSO!!!! (More fixes made last night!)

  • kptinalynn -- I fixed your player data so you can click the ladder and leave the Sewers. I also added script to ensure that anyone that manages to get stranded in the Sewers after finishing THE MUMBLER task like you did, will be able to escape via the ladder from now on.
  • Boobles and Squee & LiLwEnDy88 -- Edited your player data so you can talk to Gustav again after finishing MON CHERI. I also edited the script to ensure that anyone in your situation will get out of it automatically after the next update.
  • asylum lane -- We found an issue with the Peter script tonight. A fix for that is going into QA tomorrow and we hope to have a fix out in the next update.
  • FlameFury98 & Rosalyn13 -- Fixed your data so you can talk to Katsumi again. I also made two fixes to her scripts so that if she won't talk to you after completing either THE WISH TREE or UNCLE KIN, she'll catch a clue and give you the correct conversation. This will fix the issue for anyone stuck in a similar situation as you and the fix will go live in the next update.
  • Velheita -- Good lord. Drat, even. What a revoltin' typo. Fixed in next update. Thanks for pointing it out.

Wiki Notes

Game updated to version Qmark

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