March 05, 2009

Stuck task fix and server cycle.   (Original post.)

Some quest fixes made in database today

Howdy, zOMGaians,

The fix I'm about to describe is a bit complicated, so settle in. Here goes:

1) Some players have task(s) that are stuck in their Active queue. The situation we're fixing now is for players that tried to turn in a task to an NPC, got the quest completion, but they did NOT get the reward.

2) The fix basically backs you up again so that you can talk to that NPC again (the step description usually says something like "Go back and talk to XXX to complete your task!" wink .

3) That means you need to go talk to the NPC again, but this time, you'll get both the completed task AND the reward.

There's a *bunch* of you in this situation. Some of you have more than one task in this state.

We're pushing fixes to the Live database now that will resolve this for you the next time you log in.

A lot more fixes will be coming in the update early next week (this will NOT fix all "stuck" quest situations), but since the weekend was coming, and because this is a fix that didn't need to wait, we wanted to get as much of it straightened out for you as we could.

This fix has been completed. More fixes next week!

-- Q.

Server Cycle

The servers need to be cycled (doing it now: 1pm PST, Thurs) Original post

We're noticing some bad performance metrics on the servers. They haven't been cycled in a few days, so we're going to do that now.

This is FYI so that you're aware that it happened if you suddenly can't get back onto the old server again.

-- Q.

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