March 11, 2009

Main Update

Big Framerate Optimization

The code team found another way to optimize the game significantly. You should be able to feel the difference in the next update!

Boss Lair Changes

  • A big overhaul of the Stone Coatl Throne Room logic should make this scenario much more entertaining. (It also varies a lot depending on crew size, so try it out at different crew sizes also.)
  • Staging areas have been added to the Katsumi's Doll, Wolf Den, and Duneslam Island scenarios so that a Crew can gather inside the scenario before triggering to make it start. Just hang out near where you spawn (you can move around a little), and don't attack anything until you're ready to begin. (The improved Stone Coatl encounter also has a staging area built into it.)
  • Sealab changes are getting in for this next update. The logic changes are made, but tuning is still flexible, and we'll be getting more feedback from you end-gamers on the Live servers after launch. Therefore, please expect that this is a "work in-progress" that you're helping to beta test, and we'll make more tweaks in the next update.

Chest Respawns Fixed

  • Bugs were found in the way that some camps were being respawned and this caused some of the chests in the game to break. Those scripts have been fixed now also.

No More Aqueduct Kill Stealing

The new "INTO THE FRAY" task has "kill stealing" issues right now. This will be fixed in the next update to prevent players from getting quite so angry with each other. smile

Null Fragments Go Bye-Bye

  • Null fragments will be removed as components from all recipes.
  • Null fragments will no longer be sold at Back Alley Bargains.
  • The null frags in your inventory can be traded by talking to Nicolae in Barton Town. He'll give you the opportunity to either trade frags one-for-one in exchange for orbs or 50-to-1 to choose a ring instead.

Other Script Fixes

  • Fixed Morgan's "Spear Me No Lies" task so it can complete.
  • Fixed "Feathers for Blaze" so it updates the task if you choose to not accept this repeatable task again.
  • The "Returning a Regular" task got script improvements to make its logic more robust.
  • If you tried to turn in "A Gaian About Town" when it first came out, your data may have gotten glitched and you couldn't turn it in. If that was the case, and you've fulfilled all the favors for Elizabeth's friends, then the next time you talk to Elizabeth, that quest will complete for you. (And you'll get the ring reward.)
  • The issue with people getting left behind in Sealab after beating the chapter-end boss is fixed and it won't occur any longer.
  • Uncle Kin's ring reward is fixed. If you finished this task since the last update (when it got broken), then return to Uncle Kin after the next update and he'll reward you with the ring you didn't get.
  • Improvements were made to the Albert quest to make it more robust also.
  • To be honest, there's more script fixes than the ones listed above, but I've lost track of everything. If it was broken before, give it a try again now. Chances are that we resolved the issue.

The "Silent Treatment" Fixes

We've been strengthening scripts to fix issues that people are having with "silent" NPCs. If you've completed any of these tasks, and then had the NPC involved suddently go "silent" on you, there will be fixes in the next update that will let you continue from where you left off:

  • Completed "The Wish Tree" (Katsumi)
  • Completed "Uncle Kin" (Katsumi)
  • Completed "Mon Cheri" (Gustav)
  • Completed "Merit in the Eyes of the Spirits" (Rin and Lin)
  • There was a case where Arnold could go silent during "Dimming the Lanterns"

2nd Update

Originally post: [1]

Hi, zOMGaians! we fixed a bunch of stuff with stuck tasks. Did we solve everything? Nope.

So we're trolling for more feedback here, please!

If you played today, and tried to complete a quest...and you are still stuck after trying that quest...

...please let us know what quest / task you're stuck on and we'll start figuring out how to solve it.

Thanks, in advance, for helping us iron things out during our Beta process!

-- Q.

(thread left unlocked for obvious reasons) smile

Rather than bury my responses in a long thread, here are the fixes made so far:

  • Avalokitesvara : Logic fix made. Try talking to Elizabeth again after the next update.
  • Icemist Dawn : Finished the A GAIAN ABOUT TOWN quest for you since you had already received the reward. To complete the "INTO THE FRAY" quest, you need to lower your CL below the limit. Otherwise, Roderick won't talk to you to finish the quest. You are currently marked as "Too Old for Aqueduct Quests" which means you went in to talk to Roderick at higher than 6.1CL.
  • plasmafire : You had completed "CHARGING A RING" task before her new quests became available. I added a flag to allow you to get her new quests, but that's largely unnecessary for you. No script change was made to change this for any other players.
  • R_bot_Raje : Finshed the A GAIAN ABOUT TOWN quest for you since you had already received a reward. The Olivia and Margaret conversations still show up as "!!!" because there are optional tutorial tasks available for you to explore. We'll be adding script soon to not show the "!!!" if there the NPC doesn't have non-tutorial tasks available.
  • SpaceElfChan : You are currently on the RECOMPOSING task. You've only found one musical note so far, so you need to head out and get more.
  • Lord of Smite : Your MON CHERI task is now completed. The CHERI'S SISTER task is removed from your PDA. You'll need to talk to Gustav to get it started again. But it should progress normally from then on.
  • thefatalxattractionx : Your SPEAR ME NO LIES data is showing that you have not yet collected the necessary spear heads. Head on out into the field and gather more.
  • Crimson Versatility : Your data is not messed up. You are currently on the KATSUMI'S KOKESHI DOLL task. You just need to go defeat the doll and your task should progress normally.
  • Alexa_REfan : You need to lower your CL to below the limit for the task (6.1 or lower) before Roderick will talk to you to complete the VOX STELLARUM task.
  • MysticSX : The A GAIAN ABOUT TOWN issue will be fixed in the next update. Try going into the room where Elizabeth is located (after that update) and your task should move to the completed queue without any other interaction.
  • WyldAngel : You can't just kill any old have to kill the ones in the warzone area. That means the area where they're fighting together near the base of the hill that heads up to where the Null Crystal is located. Are you fighting in that area?
  • R0KI : Go back to the room where Arnold is located and your quest should automatically get fixed. (FIND THE GIRL)
  • Caiel Iries & Zephyr TruFeld : You were missing a flag that let you complete Albert's quests. We've added logic to the script to check and see if a player is missing that flag, and resetting it when it's missing. That fix will be in the next update and you'll be able to finish Albert's stuff from that point onward.
  • elffromspace & R_bot_Raje : You've already completed the Albert quests *and* received the rewards. Not a bug.
  • Eris Disc0rdia : 1) A logic fix was added for the NICU dialogs to prevent the issue that's causing him to be silent for you. After the next update, you'll be able to speak with him just fine. 2) Gustav's "PUNISH ZE WOLVES" had an error where, if you had ever been to high of a CL to get the quest when you talked to him, you would never be able to suppress and get the quest again. That is fixed and will be available to you after the next update. 3) Albert now also has an "aftermath" speech that will talk to you when he's finished with his tasks.
  • Secks Shae : The PURVIS LOVES RUBELLA scripts have been modified so that if you end up in a stuck state while on step 4, you'll be able to go visit Bill to get the task completed. That will be available in the next update.
  • Ellys Grantz: You only need to defeat the regular gnomes and pink flamingos around the General's Headquarter building (all of them!) and then the General and his cohorts will spawn if you have the necessary task. I checked your data and you DO have the task, so it should work. Try defeating everything in that room, and the General should come out to play.
  • greenphoenixrain : Try talking to Katsumi again now. The last update should have fixed that issue you were having with her being silent after the UNCLE KIN tasks.
  • Death! at the Hot Topic : Elizabeth now has logic to check if you've finished the CHARGING A RING task, and if you haven't started her other two new quest chains thereafter, she'll now allow you to do so. (This is available after the next update.)
  • Shrimp_Man : Maestro now checks to see if you've found all seven songs. If you have, and you don't have the badge, you'll get the badge now when you go into his room to talk to him.

Wiki Notes

Game updated to version Qmark

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