March 23, 2009

Completed at 11:40am PST.   (Original post.)


Monster Optimization

As part of our ongoing effort to improve performance, we've optimized a number of monsters throughout the game. This includes monsters in Village Greens, Bass'ken Lake, Gold Beach, Otami Ruins, Shallow Sea, Undersea Ledge, and Sealab Compound.

Sealab X

Missiles and bombs are now much easier to target and their detonation effect should now display correctly.


Collectible Quest Logic Change

We all know how much collectible quests suck to complete. The drop rates are slow so that recipe acquisition is not lightning fast, but that means you can easily spend 30 mins to 2 hours chasing a collection quest...which is really annoying. We've utilized the same script logic created for Vox Stellarum and added it to a bunch (not all) of the collection quests. (We'll get the remainder of them in the near future.) Those collection quests now have logic that drops items at a much higher drop rate *while you are on the collection quest*. (It reverts to the normal drop rates when you are not on the necessary quest.)

The quests we have done this for so far include:

  • Shroom Heads (Remo)
  • Plastic Bouquet ( Candice )
  • Rina's Leaves (Rina)
  • Pink Flamingo Feathers (Rina)
  • Plantin' Garlic (Purvis)
  • A New Board (Benny)
  • Board Shop (Benny)

One Peter At A Time, Please

  • As many of you noticed, Peter has been suffering from split personalities and was replicating himself several times in the Old Aqueduct. This had a couple of pretty serious side effects. First, it was just annoying and odd having so many copies of Peter idling about. Second, in certain cases it prevented advancement of the Returning Regular quest. We've made some changes that will make Peter's script more robust which should prevent the creation of multiple copies of Peter.

Ongoing Quest Fixes

Based on feedback in the Current "Quest Issues" Thread we've made fixes for a large number of common quest problems and silent NPCs. We'll be opening a similar thread in the zOMG! Forum with the release of this update as we continue our efforts to stamp out all quest issues.

Quests which had fixes made due to the feedback we received:

  • A Gaian About Town
  • Into the Fray
  • Vox Stellarum
  • Alien Salvage
  • Albert's Quests (Galoshes Go Squashes, Disperse the Purse, and OMFG Bump)
  • Punish Ze Wolves
  • Purvis Loves Rubella
  • Recomposing (Badge)
  • Kin's Trials
  • Spear Me The Lies

NPCs which should no longer become silent:

  • Albert
  • Nicu
  • Katsumi


Team Instances

Leaving a Crew while you are the only member within an instance will no longer cause you to be moved to a new instance.

The Gauntlet

  • Dynamic scaling is checked more often as monsters spawn.
  • A cheat was prevented. If a crew of two or more enters the scenario, it was previously possible for an entire crew to get credit while only one person ran around to the end. This has been prevented.
  • New tiny witch doctor spawns occur every two minutes. They have a very large Hate radius, so they path to wherever you are located.

Wiki Notes

Game updated to version S28720.

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