April 27, 2009

Time 11:30am PDT, "Servers are open! Maintenance is complete! (Details within)"   (Original post.)

Hi there, zOMGaians!

It's update time again!

There's lots of fun little fixes in this update, but there are two really big ones:

1) We finally figured out and resolved the "lag spike" issue we've had with the game since Flash 10 was released last November. To be frank, this game pushes Flash a lot harder than everything else it's ever been used for and we had to create a layer of code that sits on top of the "garbage collection" routines from Flash. Our logic cajoles their code into doing what we need, instead of what it wants to do. All browsers are affected/improved by this fix, but those players using Internet Explorer will see the biggest of the improvements. (In the process of fixing this, we also fixed a lot of memory leaks, and those fixes are coming out with this update also.)

2) We fixed the Willpower system. These fixes will be coming out in two parts. The first part is this update and the second part is next update. But in essence, the Willpower system has *always* been broken. Iron Will wasn't very useful because all Willpower attacks were hitting all of the time. The system has been fixed and now monsters will occasionally miss you with their crowd control attacks...and you will also miss *them* on occasion. NOTE: More tweaks on this system are coming out next week and those final changes will bring this system into balance. NOTE: Many bosses will (properly) now be immune to certain crowd control options. For example...the Stone Coatl is *not* afraid of your silly little Scaredy Cat ring (even though his minions continue to be alarmed by it). smile

3) Monsters that /con purple to you will no longer aggro on you. You can still attack them, and then they will defend themselves...but they won't bother you if you're obviously too tough for them to beat.

The rest is all bug fixes, which are good stuff...but not that interesting to list.

-- Q.

P.S., Please note: The Flash 10 fix described above does not resolve all framerate issues. However, we have fixes coming over the next couple of updates that should *dramatically* improve overall framerate for everyone also, so stay tuned for that, but the nasty big "my game froze for 10-15 second" spikes that were happening should be gone after this update.

Wiki Notes

Game updated to version S30769.

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