May 21, 2009

Two little errors in today's update: The Anchor Bugs got big (they'll get small again soon) & Sand Golems lose their stomachs. Both issues will be fixed in next update.   (Original post.)

Ring Optimizations and Kill Counters!

The update this week has fairly few improvements...but the ones that are included make a big impact.

  • We optimized eight of the worst-performing rings. These rings would previously bring the game to a virtual standstill if 5 or 6 of them got used at the same time. Now they operate quite well and have little impact on framerate.

- Diagnose
- Land Shark
- Improb sphere
- Bandage
- Ghost
- Iron will
- Adrenaline
- Wish

  • We've added a page on the main site so that you can check to see how you're doing against the "kill count badges". The names of the badges you're working on, your current kill counts, and a brief description of the badge are shown. Go to MY GAIA ==> QUESTS and choose the new "Badges" option from that menu.

Wiki Notes

  • Game updated to version S31816.

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