May 12, 2009

This update took place from 9:30am - 11:30am PST.   (Original post.)

Latest & Greatest Stuff!

  • The Taunt ring turned out to have been broken since Open Beta was launched. That is fixed now and you should find that ring much more useful now.
  • The repeatable Gauntlet/Throne series in Otami Ruins should be fixed now so that, if you were stuck previously, you can play it again now. (NOTE: You can only get the tasks for Gauntlet and Throne a total of four times: once as the regular tasks, and three times as "Serving the Spirits...Again". You can, however, help other people do the quest an infinite number of times.)
  • The second part of the Willpower changes goes live in this update. The change this time is that if a ring has both damage *and* willpower effects, then you use Accuracy/Dodge to determine the damage hit, and then you also have to do a Success Chance/Willpower check to make the Willpower effect work *if* the regular attack hit also. (NOTE: Currently, this mostly only affects the Hornet Nest ring, but we're setting it up for monster attack changes in the future.)
  • Buff and Crowd Control ring durations were extended. Crowd Control rings only got slight increases, but Buff rings were generally doubled in duration (with a few exceptions, such as Trutle not getting extended at all). The intent here is to let the buffs last longer so you don't feel you need to constantly reapply them. (More fun for those that take the rings, plus it makes "Ally Only" rings more attractive because there's less busy work with them.)
  • Divinity and Healing Halo were fixed so that they now increase your stamina and health even when you're standing (not just when you're kneeling). Of course, they're more effective when Kneeling...but this helps them be much more useful in combat situations. (This is the balancing change that offsets the reduction in Kneeling recovery that was implemented in the last update.)
  • The Ghost ring should no longer make you turn invisible when using it.
  • It turns out that Crowd Control and Debuff rings were *not* generating Hate from monsters. They do that now. So those of you using those rings may find that you're attracting a lot more attention than you used to do. You've been warned! :)
  • Further optimizations have been made to a few rings. We still have more of those optimizations still to come, but the work is on-going and you should see more performance improvements after this update.
  • It's now easier to enter the end-boss room after you throw the security switches.
  • We added lots of mini-map flags to help players find their way back to the rewarding NPCs when they're on the final step of a task.
  • Blaze now properly grants her ring reward when "Aiding the Twins" is completed.

Wiki Notes

  • Game updated to version S31307.

May 21, 2009

Two little errors in today's update: The Anchor Bugs got big (they'll get small again soon) & Sand Golems lose their stomachs. Both issues will be fixed in next update.   (Original post.)

Ring Optimizations and Kill Counters!

The update this week has fairly few improvements...but the ones that are included make a big impact.

  • We optimized eight of the worst-performing rings. These rings would previously bring the game to a virtual standstill if 5 or 6 of them got used at the same time. Now they operate quite well and have little impact on framerate.

- Diagnose
- Land Shark
- Improb sphere
- Bandage
- Ghost
- Iron will
- Adrenaline
- Wish

  • We've added a page on the main site so that you can check to see how you're doing against the "kill count badges". The names of the badges you're working on, your current kill counts, and a brief description of the badge are shown. Go to MY GAIA ==> QUESTS and choose the new "Badges" option from that menu.

Wiki Notes

  • Game updated to version S31816.

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