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November 10, 2011

Deadman's Shadow is now open to early-bird adventurers!   (Original post.)

Announcement Message

Deadmansshadow announcement-1

The curse that bars adventurers from exploring Deadman's Shadow is beginning to lift! Those who have the Bloodstone Amulet can now venture into this underground vampire lair to face new challenges, including new enemies and a new boss. The intrepid will be rewarded with awesome new loot!

Deadmansshadow announcement-2

If you weren't lucky enough to get the Bloodstone Amulet, you can still get early access to the area with a Bloodstone Gem, available now in the Gaia Cash Shop.

On Tuesday, the area will open freely to everyone-- but only for three days! After that, the gates will slam shut, and Deadman's Shadow will again be available only to those with Bloodstone Amulets or Gems. To reopen the area to all, the Gaian community will have to band together to perform good deeds: bringing in new zOMG! players, posting in the zOMG! forums, buying Bloodstone Gems or simply showing up to play zOMG! We'll put up an indicator in the zOMG! forums so you can check the community's progress toward lifting the curse.

Grab your Bloodstone Gem today to explore this dark new realm!

Thread Message


Leon at your service. The zOMG! Dev Team has informed me that the servers are open with the new expansion area called Deadman's Shadow. This area will include the following:

  • New quests
  • New monsters
  • New boss
  • Epic recipe
  • New loot items
  • Shadow orbs
  • Raised level cap
  • New Storyline
  • New music

Note: Bloodstone Amulet or Bloodstone Gem is required to enter Deadman's Shadow.

Leon signing off *salutes*

UPDATE: If you equip the Bloodstone Amulet, it will not work. Unequip the Amulet and you will gain access.

In-game Message

Greetings all!

The new expansion area called Deadman's Shadow is finally upon us. Unlock the mystery which lie deep within its cavern.

This expansion will include the following:

  • New quests
  • New monsters
  • New boss
  • Epic recipe
  • New loot items
  • Shadow orbs
  • Raised level cap
  • New storyline
  • New music

Note: Only level 10 players with a Bloodstone Amulet or a Bloodstone Gem is allowed to enter Deadman's Shadow. However, the curse can be lifted briefly by the community which will grant access to everyone. For more info, please visit the zOMG! forum.

-zOMG! Team

Wiki Notes

  • zOMG Version: S59938

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