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Lawn gnome general

Lawn Gnome General

Zone Level (HP) Drops Spawns Notes
The Village Greens
  • 1.0 (76 HP)
  • 1.6 (122 HP)
  • 2.4 (182 HP)
  • 3.0 (228 HP)
1 A, L
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback

General Mayhem is the leader of the Lawn Gnomes and lives deep in Gnome Man's Land, in a purple mushroom house. He is larger and more burly than the other Gnomes, and has gardening shovels on his hands for attack.


  • Used to spawn after killing the gnomes and flamingos outside the the purple spotted mushroom house. Now he is a Mini-Boss at the house.
  • The strongest of all Animated in the Village Greens.
  • Was previously called "Lawn Gnome General".
  • Judging by his text in battle, General Mayhem might be Irish (or just picked up the accent due to hearing MacTaggert).
  • Other than the majors that leave the house with him, he is the only Animated that speaks in the Village Greens.
  • In order to do damage to him, you must defeat all of the waves of gnomes.


  • The Lawn Gnome General was formerly named General Mayhem, General Dreedle, and simply Lawn Gnome General before that. Once again, he is known as "General Mayhem".

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