Hey, by the way! What's your name?

C: All right. I said I'd tell you. It's Caruthers.

Caruthers? Is that your fight name or last name?

C: It's Agent Caruthers.

So now it's 'agent' instead of 'concerned citizen'?

C: Don't push me, citizen. Now, if you liked that gauntlet formula, there's more where they came from. If you keep being successful for us, there's no reason we can't keep setting you up with more gizmos of your own.

That sounds great. I'm in! What do you need done next?

C: Our cumulative scans have revealed that the leader of their collective takes patrols out on his own, ranging far around the burrow perimeters on a regular basis. But he always heads home to the main bunker near the trees to the south. You can wait for him there or try to catch him and his honor guard out on patrol. It's up to you.

And then what?

C: That's where that natural cunning and skill comes into play again. I know you'll think of something.

Great. So...find the leader, whack him somehow, and bring the transponder back to you?

C: That'll do, junior. That'll do.

I was afraid you might say that. Okay. I'm on it.


C: Well?

I got it! It was hard to find him, and that was a tough fight, but I got it!

C: Well done! And as per our deal, here's the blueprints to the helmets that the P3s are wearing. Use the knowledge wisely.


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