Family: Coatl

Weak to: <weaknesses>Qmark
Strong to: <resistances>Qmark
Immune to: Scaredy Cat, QuicksandExclamation

Giant Stone Coatl

Giant Stone Coatl

Zone Level Drops Spawns Notes
Otami Ruins Dynamically Scales to the first target 1 A
A = Aggressive; P = Passive; L = Links; K = Knockback

The Giant Stone Coatl was originally a huge serpent statue, but when the Animated showed up they brought it to life. This enraged the god. Now Lin and Rin give you the quest to beat it as one of their "tasks" After this you may head down to the shallow seas.


  • Has a second attack debuffs accuracy and third (final) attack debuffs Dodge.
  • It is the only immobile boss.
  • Scaredy Cat does not work on it.
  • "The world turns inside-out as you are drawn inward to the Giant Stone Coatl!" When seeing this message the Stone Coatl will teleport you in front of it for a strong attack.
  • It is actually located in the Throne Room which is west side of Otami Ruins.
  • You can not leave the room without killing the Giant Stone Coatl first.
  • All the minions will die after the Giant Stone Coatl is defeated.
  • Killing the Giant Stone Coatl completes The Stone Coatl quest, after which you will be able to enter the Shallow Sea.
  • Uses a short ranged fireball attack. He can't hit you if you are using long ranged attacks attacks from a distance, but if you do that prepare to get ambushed by minions.
  • You will take damage before the stone coatl will even attack you.

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