Gimmee a Beat (Down)
Start NPC Trip - Zen Gardens (A-5)
Requirements CL 3.5 - 4.0
Repeatable Yes
Quest chronology
Previous quest The Drums! The Drums! I can't stand the DRUMS!


  • Speak to Trip to accept quest.
  • Defeat 20 Taiko Drums
  • Return to Trip for your reward.


Recommended CL is minimum 3.5. The quest becomes easier as you level up, but eventually you won't be able to repeat it because your CL will be too high, when your Overall Charge Level is 4.1 or higher. If you wish to repeat this quest after this point simply lower your Charge Level down to 4.0

Game DescriptionEdit

Client: Trip (Zen Gardens)

Trip asks... no begs... you to defeat 20 Taiko Drums to create a little peace and quiet in the area for a few minutes.

Game ScriptEdit

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